We would love to hear from you if God has used Chris and this ministry in your life and/or ministry. 

Chris Kohlman has an amazing ability to hold a room captive while sharing applicable Biblical truths. His approach to apologetics is amazing. I have students share stories with me often about how they were able to use what he taught to show a friend the truth of God’s word. I would advise anyone to consider bringing him in to speak to any age group!
Chris Roller
Student Pastor, First Baptist Rogers, AR
Chris has spoken for many churches in Arkansas and is highly regarded as a solid communicator. He is committed to the Scriptures and to the local church. With a passion for the gospel and apologetics, he has challenged many to deepen their faith. I admire his desire to serve where needed and his faithfulness to Jesus' mission.
Warren Gasaway
Arkansas Baptist State Convention
Chris not only has a wealth of knowledge but also has a fascinating list of life experiences that make his teaching engaging and rich. He has a passion for the gospel and a heart to serve! When you bring in Chris, you will not just get a great speaker but gain a friend and partner in ministry.
Paul Worcester
National Collegiate Director, NAMB
Chris Kohlman is a top quality individual. He is a highly knowledgeable speaker, especially in the area of apologetics. I’ve heard him on multiple occasions and enjoyed every time. After meeting him at a camp, Chris designed shirts and banners for my youth ministry the next semester. After changing churches to pastor Lakeside Baptist Church, Chris is the one who designed our new logo and launched a fantastic website for our church. The website looks great, is super user friendly, and has lead directly to the growth of our congregation. On top of all this, Chris has a true heart for ministry.
Justin Risley
Pastor & Author, Lakeside Baptist and Nations & Neighbors
I have known Chris Kohlman since he surrendered his life to Christ almost 25 years ago. I was privileged to work alongside him at Ecclesia College for six years, where much of his early spiritual development took place. Among his many giftings, Chris excels at teaching and public speaking. Equipped with an apologetics mindset and a theologically sound Biblical worldview, Chris has spoken and ministered to thousands of college students over the years, helping them safely navigate their way around common spiritual trappings that deceive so many today. Chris has a rare ability to impart Truth and Wisdom to a largely Biblically-illiterate audience, graciously engaging the culture in a style that draws people to Christ rather than repels. In a spiritually deluded world, Chris is an influential voice of spiritual sanity. I recommend, wholeheartedly and unreservedly, Chris Kohlman.
Mike Novak
President, Ecclesia College
Chris’s guidance transformed my approach to building a ministry partner team. Despite diving into various trainings and reading many books, success always seemed out of reach. It wasn’t until meeting with Chris and his training that I was able to reach my goals. Chris’s impact extends beyond his teaching, he truly mentored me and was dedicated to my success in building and maintaining a ministry partner team. Through his training, Chris didn’t just teach strategies but tailored his guidance to my specific needs. Thanks to Chris, I not only learned good systems but I also learned the nuances of the relationship-building that is crucial to creating a supportive ministry partner team. With Chris’s help, I was able to meet and even exceed my goals. I am immensely grateful for Chris’s mentorship and the profound impact it has had on my ministry’s success.
Talon Brandon
Associate Campus Minister, Virginia Tech
Chris’ expertise in apologetics is unmatched! His engaging speaking style and relevant Bible teaching helps students cut through cultural noise and engage with Christ in a compelling way.
Ryan Scantling
BCM Campus Minister, University of Arkansas
I highly recommend Chris Kohlman as a speaker and as a graphics / web designer! Chris is a gifted speaker appealing to all ages, having spoken different times at my church and as one of the speakers at the annual " REPLICATE " Student Conference at Camp Siloam. He has also been an integral part of planning, conducting, and designing the graphics and website for the retreat. Chris is not only a gifted speaker and highly creative, but also a man of Godly character.
Jack McCarty
Pastor, First Baptist Church Huntsville, AR
Chris is a great communicator who uses his unique story to grab listeners attention and make them think deeply. He did a great job speaking at our DNow event and I wouldn’t hesitate to bring him in again. He went above and beyond to make our event successful. (Including driving through an ice storm)
Brian Robinson
Youth Pastor, Valley Baptist Church Searcy, AR
When I came to faith in Christ, I still had unanswered questions about the reliability of the scriptures and about the truth of Christianity. Chris Kohlman’s teaching through the BCM strengthened my faith tremendously. He has a very wide array of knowledge and articulates it beautifully. His presentations through the BCM aren’t just for information purposes, but they are helping equip the next generation of students to take the gospel to world. 
Cade Thompson
Student, UAM
Chris obviously loves Jesus and has a passion for teaching and leading others to draw closer to him. He excels at taking complex and copious amounts of information and organizing and communicating it in a way that people of all ages can process and retain. 
Philip Slaughter
BCM Campus Minister, UAFS
I have had many opportunities to work alongside Chris through the years. He has assisted the churches I have pastored with improving our student and college ministries, spoken at conferences we hosted, and helped us with graphic design for events through the years. Chris has been one of my favorite people to do ministry with because of his heart for churches, pastors, and students, as well as his powerful preaching and apologetics ministry. I would encourage any pastor, church, or ministry to utilize his ministry in every capacity that you can. He will be a blessing to you. 
Russell Threet
Pastor, West Park Baptist Church
I’ve had the pleasure of hearing Chris speak on multiple occasions, to both youth and adult audiences. He has a powerful testimony to share and connects with those he is speaking to. Our church youth group consistently tells me that he is their favorite speaker at the various camps and events they have attended with him as speaker. My interactions with Chris have been a blessing as well. He has a servant’s heart and is an encouragement to me as a pastor. Chris even agreed to do a four day speaking event at our church earlier this fall. He was great at communicating with me throughout the planning process.
Danny Williams
Pastor, Sonora Baptist Church
Chris has proven to be a great friend and incredibly gifted ministry leader in my 8 years of knowing him. He has a powerful testimony and great mind for the mysteries of God that he uses to train, lead, and encourage students and other ministry leaders. My life and ministry has been greatly impacted by the Lords word through Chris Kohlman.
Jeremy Woodall
BCM Campus Minister, UAM
I heard Chris speak at a college campus worship and outreach event. It was excellent. He related well and left them with some great things they could apply in their life on campus. The crowd was definitely connecting to everything he said.
Arliss Dickerson
Collegiate Minister
I work with the youth group at our church (7th – 12th) and we have heard Chris speak at various events. Chris always has a great connection with them, and the presentations of both his testimony and biblical subjects have their full attention. Whether it was talking about his missionary work, his call to follow Jesus, or how we can trust the veracity of the Bible, Chris connected with our students, and through that connection God worked in many hearts. There has never been a time when I didn’t see God moving through what Chris does or says. I know Chris has a heart to reach others with the Gospel. I personally appreciate the times he has advised me on ideas to do outreach and he was always kind enough to reply quickly whenever I might have.a question.
Jeremy Langley
Youth Director, Sonora Baptist Church
Chris has been a guest speaker for our student ministry several times. He is fantastic at using stories from his real life experience to help people relate to and understand biblical topics. Chris has covered a number a topics for us and he always gives biblically accurate and engaging content that is challenging and convicting. Chris is a great guy and I would recommend him for speaking to any group you may have.
Mitchell Emrich
Student Pastor, First Baptist Rogers: Olive Street Campus
Chris is a wealth of knowledge and he knows how to present it effectively! He does a phenomenal job and students are always informed and inspired after listening to Chris speak!
Buck Ortega
Former NFL Player, Speaker, Businessman & Parent
Chris has been one of the most impactful leaders and mentors I have had the pleasure of serving the Lord with. He has had a profound influence on my love for apologetics and evangelism, and the Bible as a whole. He is one of the most intelligent, well spoken, and passionate people I’ve known, and is a powerful force for the Kingdom of God.
Seth Maier
Student & Mission Team Participant, University of Arkansas
I have been blessed by Chris’s friendship, inspirational teaching, in-depth knowledge on various subjects, wisdom from the Scriptures and ministry to many college students through apologetics. He has passionately encouraged international students to strongly consider Jesus, as the One true God at our International retreat. His influence to many students, Church Leaders and Campus Ministers, on mission trips to Central Asia is a highlight for many. But the greatest part of all is he has a servant heart. He goes the extra mile. He loves Jesus and the Bride of Christ. He and Shawnee both have a heart to love and minister to others. You, as a pastor or staff or church as a whole will benefit greatly from the ministry of Chris Kohlman.
Teresa "Bit" Stephens
International Student Ministry, Arkansas Baptist State Convention
Chris and I served on staff at a local church for several years together. Still to this day, I believe he is one of the most talented presenters of the gospel I have been in ministry with. He is relatable to both students and adults and uses his gifts of teaching and preaching to constantly point the audience to Jesus. Chris studies and knows scripture extremely well and his heart reflects that of a man whose central focus is on Jesus. It is a privilege and honor to know Chris personally, hear him teach and continue to learn from him.
John Roller
Worship Leader & Business Leader
Chris is a devoted missions and ministry leader, a dynamic speaker and evangelist, and a sincere follower of Christ. He lives what he preaches!
Dr. D.L. Androes
Former Faculty & Physical Science Coordinator, NWACC
Chris Kohlman and I were on staff at the same ministry twenty years ago. He challenged us all then in our level of excellence and over the last twenty years, I’ve watched Chris step into various roles in different organizations and do the same. More recently, as youth pastor and then pastor of my own church, I would have Chris come in occasionally and speak. My young people were always anticipating his visits and had lots of questions for him prepared weeks in advance. It was always a huge blessing and encouragement to my group. In addition to that, there were many times over the years that I personally turned to Chris for counsel about church government or varying situations that leaders find themselves facing occasionally. He is a wealth of knowledge and wisdom that will be a blessing to you, your organization, and those that you are leading at any level.
Jamie Mott
Pastor, The Fathers House
Chris Kohlman is without a doubt one of the greatest communicators of deep biblical concepts and theology speaking today. To be able to hear him speak is a blessing every time.
Luke Faddis
Student, Ouachita Baptist University
We were blessed to have Chris come and share his testimony as a challenge for our students this past year. The Lord clearly spoke through him to convict and motivate our students to take obedient steps of faith in the coming weeks!
Thomas Guinee
BCM Campus Minister, John Brown University
Chris is a disciple maker and was my young adult minister. I am so thankful for the investment he intentionally made in me as a young adult that helped shape who I am today. I learned so much about serving, outreach, discipleship and Christian leadership through Chris’ teachings and community and global outreaches. Chris is uniquely equipped for ministry because of his diverse experiences in life and in ministry.
April Reed
Former Student and Educator, Springdale High School
Chris has helped me grow in my faith in countless ways, and I have been so grateful to get to learn from him in learning about God/theology and about life in general. I have been so thankful to be able to be under his leadership and teaching for around 8 months now, and I have been so grateful for everything that I have learned, and for how much he has poured into me as an individual, but also our group as a whole.
Hannah Maier
Intern & Student Leader, NWACC
I’m incredible grateful to have worked with Chris during his time with the Arkansas Baptist State Convention. His depth of knowledge in working with students when it comes to Apologetics has had great impact on my own collegiate ministry and personal growth in the Lord. If you want someone who can be trusted with the truth, look no further than Chris Kohlman.
Matthew Hall
BCM Campus Minister, UAPB
I worked with Chris in several different capacities. He was always professional, kind, honest and most of all, he always pointed anything He did back to Christ. His intelligence is outstanding, but he knows how to deliver his message in a way where everyone will understand.
John Dicus
BCM Campus Minister, UofO and Student Pastor, Freeman Height Baptist
Chris is a powerful testimony of God's transforming grace. Well versed in many academic areas of biblical study and apologetics Chris is a very engaging speaker and stays true to the Word of God. I've worked with Chris for many years and thoroughly enjoy his talks and working with him in building a collegiate ministry. It's a honor to serve alongside of him.
Jason Ross
Business Leader & FBC Rogers Lay Leader
Our church invited Chris Kohlman to speak at our annual Valentine’s Banquet in 2023. Our church was so interested in the testimony of his life experience, and especially in the manner in which he was drawn to becoming a Christ Follower, that far more than half of the families present have ask, “When can we get this guy back again?” I recommend Chris, without reservation, as a speaker who presents a gospel centered message weaved into such an interesting testimonial that it catches the attention of nonbelievers as well as believers.
Dewey Hickey
Pastor, Westwood Baptist Church
Chris is an excellent communicator who is well versed in the Scriptures and in the area of Apologetics. Chris can discuss multiple areas of Apologetics in a very professional, educated and engaging manner. Chris is also very passionate about missions and reaching the nations for Christ. In addition Chris is an effective communicator of the Scriptures. Whatever the setting, Chris always points people to Christ. I would highly recommend Chris as a speaker for youth, college, and adults.
Mike Sandusky
BCM Campus Minister, SAU
I first met Chris listening to his apologetics breakout group during the BCM fall retreat. I was pretty blown away with the intricacies and precision of the biblical canon, and how confident we can be in its validity. During that year I got much more serious about being able to defend my faith simply because I was shown how ample the evidence was, even using the science that claims to debunk it. Chris had no idea, but his research that he presented from memory for probably the hundredth time greatly impacted me. Over a year later we crossed paths again when I was asked to fill in on the worship team for a DNOW weekend. Chris just so happened to be the speaker that weekend, and for whatever reason I felt like I should go introduce myself after the service and ask to get lunch with him. He was extremely willing to do it, (even though he was on heavy pain killers from dental work). He then shared a lot of his awesome stories that he has been a part of in his life, but we were able to talk about spiritual conflicts that I was having, and the ministry I was involved in was having. He was willing and able to give clarity on the purpose of the ministry and pray about it. We talked through theology, worship, and what it looks like to discern what’s happening in ministry. At the end of the weekend, he walked by and in passing just said, “Hey I have a group of college students that I take on a mission trip overseas every summer, you and your fiance are welcome to come.” Neither of us thought there would be a follow up to that comment, but over the next month my fiance and I were able to see God so clearly call us to go on the mission field. Flash forward, we went overseas with them for two weeks. I was able to sit under Chris’s teaching, training, and influence. He was a huge encouragement throughout the trip to me because I was extremely out of my comfort zone. I was doing things I had never done, and didn’t think that I could do. His focus on the spiritual warfare of day to day life completely changed my view of what the Christian life is. His emphasis on the glory of God through missions rather than the good of man shifted my focus as well, and is still what I strive to work for. Since then, I’ve had a relationship with Chris where I can go to him to seek Godly counsel even being across the state. I’ve been able to ask for prayer and counsel in difficult circumstances in ministry, and he’s been faithful to pray with me, and answer the phone when I reach out. If I had to sum up the message that I’ve received from Chris throughout the ministry he’s been a part of, it would be this: God is holy and mighty. He is sovereign, and in control of all situations. Now get to work. Go and make disciples, and be faithful in the mundane because He is faithful to empower you in every circumstance, not just for our good, but also for his glory.
Ashton White
Collegiate Leader/Student UALR
I have know Chris Kohlman for several years and can attest to his effectiveness in sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ and defending the faith. Chris is a highly gifted and intelligent brother in Christ and I have seen God use him mightily for kingdom work in our State Convention and local Association of churches. He is a powerful communicator and has impacted many lives for Christ's sake. I can highly recommend him as a speaker as we have had him speak at our church several times.
Mike Sypult
Pastor, Friendship Baptist Church
In the fall of 2022 my family and I moved to Cave Springs, Arkansas to plant The Oaks Church. It was just about a year before that in the fall of 2021 that we sat in a coffee shop in Cave Springs with Chris. This was the first time we had met him but it wouldn't be the last time that God would use him to bless our family and our ministry. Chris has been an insightful brother on this journey as a long time resident of Northwest Arkansas, specifically in the Cave Springs area. He has helped me culturally exegete the area to better contextualize our ministry to reach the lost, nominal, unchurched, and dechurched. Chris has also provided numerous contacts in an attempt to help us establish a Core Team. Above all that Chris has provided to help us plant The Oaks Church, Chris has been a true friend and brother in Christ. On numerous occasions Chris has invited me into his home to share a cup of coffee, let me process some thoughts, ideas, even frustrations, along with encouraging me with grace and truth. Chris is a man of truth, God's truth, upon which he has staked his life and ministry. It is an honor and privilege to know and partner with Chris for the sake of gospel and the glory of God.
Chris Dubose
Pastor, The Oaks Church
Chris' passion for the Gospel, discipleship, and apologetics is evident in everything he does. As a student pastor I am always looking for speakers who can relate to students and Chris is that guy. He's personable and engages with students/adults on their level, without compromising the truth of Scripture. I highly recommend him!
Will Dunlap
Middle School Pastor, First Baptist Church Rogers
I have watched Chris’ ministry for 22 years. He is a man of deep integrity, deep conviction, and deep love. His preaching/teaching has authority and he is effective because he preaches what he practices, i.e. his life is a model of what he says. Chris loves Jesus and has been a faithful and fruitful servant to Jesus’ Bride. I love to listen to him speak and I trust what he says.
Titus Hofer
Manager of Strategic Initiatives, Via
Chris Kohlman has a powerfully unique testimony. The Lord has utilized Chris’s journey to help shape who he is today. His ability to retain knowledge (specifically apologetic info), combined with his calling to reach, teach, and train the next generation, is a gift to the local church. His training sessions will help prepare students and adults to engage atheists, non-believers, members of cults, etc in non-combative dialogue. Chris Kohlman will strengthen your church or ministry.
Mark Maier
Executive Pastor of Worship Ministries, First Baptist Church Rogers
We host an apologetics conference for churches in our area and had Chris be one of our speakers. He not only delivered but blew us away! Chris spoke about Noah’s flood and the evidence that exists In support of it. He communicated information that was honestly pretty difficult in a way that was accessible to our students and honestly interesting. After the conference, I had so many people comment how impressed they were with Chris!
Kevin Williams
Student Pastor, First Baptist Church Mena
I've had the opportunity to hear Chris present in several sessions. Each is riveting and I'm especially fond of the apologetics material. When I heard one of his apologetics presentations I looked around and every person in the room was totally locked onto him. He also provide slides for later reference which have come in handy for myself. Chris has even taken the time to discuss things with me on a personal level which I really value. He has the ability to speak on any number of topics with authority and I highly recommend him!
Trey Caton
Eagle Heights Baptist Church
I had the amazing opportunity to go on an over seas mission trip with Chris as our team leader. I had never been this far before so I was a little nervous and I didn’t know Chris or the team very well. There were lots of reasons why I shouldn’t go, but Chris encouraged my fiancé and I that if God has called us He will make a way. We continued to pray about it and felt strong about God’s calling on us to go. Chris encouraged us along the way, kept us informed on safety protocols, and reminded us to stay in God’s Word. Not only did he keep us safe over seas, but he also challenged us to step out of our comfort zones and share The Gospel with people we had never met before. He did a great job leading our team and constantly reminded us of the real reason we were there, to share The Gospel with nonbelievers.
Hannah Stubbs
Student Leader, WBU
Chris Kohlman is such an amazing man of God that has personally impacted me time and time again with his God given wisdom, compassion, leadership, and love for other's. He's a man that I admire and want to emulate, but I know that if I want to emulate Chris, I have to emulate Jesus. Chris follows God's will for his life, and he taught me that if I want to better understand how to follow God's will, I need to seek God's face and understand his unchanging character. God has given Chris so many amazing opportunities to be a great witness, and he has constantly put his "yes" on the tabel. Chris is such a big inspiration to me, and such a light to the world.
George Tuel
Student Leader
I’ve had the privilege of traveling internationally with Chris and sitting under his teaching on numerous occasions. He is the real deal. His gifting in teaching apologetics is phenomenal. And his ability to equip young adults to defend their faith and then lead by example on how to do that has greatly influenced my family on how to engage the culture around us. I couldn’t recommend him enough to book for your event!
Jennifer Faddis
Licensed Professional Counselor and Church Youth Group Volunteer
Chris’ teaching ability is unmatched, but his heart is even more inspirational. Chris practices what he teaches. His doctrine and testimony are sound and biblically accurate. Chris is not only knowledgeable, but serves with humility and desire for people to know Jesus and have an active relationship with Him. Chris loves Jesus and is passionate about the mission of Jesus…and it shows.
Tyler Dixon
Student Pastor, Lakeview Baptist Church
If you are seeking to blow a group of people’s minds with the truth of the Bible and the reality of the gospel, you need Chris Kohlman. Chris has a broad base of knowledge on so many different subjects, and he knows how to share in a captivating way. Whether he’s sharing his his powerful testimony, his experiences with Muslims, or apologetics facts, after hearing him speak I’ve seen both students and adults express a fresh wonder at our Lord and a new boldness to share him with others.
Misty Wilson
Author & Parent
Chris is a gifted speaker. He is able to apply biblical truths to difficult cultural topics. He engages his audience with relevant issues and captivating stories. Chris is imparting a biblical worldview on the next generation of Godly leaders.
Kortney Carnes
Secondary Assistant Principle, Shiloh Christian School
Chris Kohlman has been an incredible mentor and teacher in my life over the past few years. He is able to very clearly articulate the gospel and apologetics. I have been able to hear him speak numerous times, and his teaching has had a huge impact on my faith. He leads well and exemplifies Christ-like love in many ways. I am incredibly grateful for his influence on my life!
Sara Faddis
Student Leader, OBU
I always look forward to hearing Chris speak. I have been blessed to have someone in my life who does not water down truth and is not afraid to teach the gospel. As a 9th grader its is so important to understand your reason for believing what you believe and being able to prove it. Chris has been a light by giving me practical ways to not only share the gospel but not to shy away from challenging conversations. I truly am so grateful to hear all of his sessions from worldview to apologetics he does a great job!
Ainsley Ridenoure
Student- FBC Rogers & Shiloh Christian